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SCAN for 100 is the only Warehouse Management Module built specifically for Sage 100 (MAS 90/200)

  • Built on the ProvideX platform specifically for Sage 100
  • Includes Multi-bin in the software solution (no need for a third party multi-bin solution)
  • Includes barcode printing in the software
  • Looks, installs and operates just like a Sage 100 module

Software Features

  • Real time Inventory
  • Multiple Bin Locations (module included)
  • On-line handheld Physical /Cycle Count
  • Pick / Pack / Ship Processing
  • Inter-Warehouse Transfer Scheduling
  • On-hand and On-oOrder quantities reflect shipments, receipts, and warehouse transfers
  • Inventory Movements are Recorded Instantly
  • Up-to-the-Minute Verification of ALL Entries
  • Scan Items as they are Picked
  • Automatically Moves Inventory to Staging Locations
  • Multiple Pickers can Simultaneously Pick the Same Order
  • Print Packing List
  • Print Bill of Lading
  • ASN
  • EDI
  • Records Counts by Bin Location, Prints Bin Labels, Records Verification Count
  • Freeze Bin and Update Counts with Handhelds
  • Move Inventory Between Bins In Real-Time
  • Bin Transaction Log Provides Audit Trail
  • Scan Items as they are Picked
  • Pack Items and Print Packing List from Handheld Computers
  • Automatically Create Invoices
  • Pull Shipping Information into Shipping Program
  • Update Tracking Number and Shipping Charges to Invoice
  • Print Invoice and Include with Shipment 


Developed by a Sage Gold Level Development Partner

  • Sage 100 (MAS 90 / 200)
  • Sage Certified Solution


Screen Shots

Scanners (mobile computers), Printers & Labels


Xceliware in conjunction with our partners is able to lead you through the process of selecting and integrating the "hardware" that goes into running a Warehouse Management System.  This includes scanning mobile computers, wireless access points for the warehouse, pulling cable, labels and label printers, etc.  While our clients are free to obtain this equipment on their own, most ask us to lead this portion of the project as well so to avoid having to coordinate multiple vendors.   

Implementation Approach


Xceliware utilizes a tried and tested implementation methodology, known as Phase5 to guarantee a successful delivery of your solution to your end-users.  This methodology, while tuned to meet the needs of data collection functionality, is based on IEEE Standards and incorporates a variety of industry best practices while focusing on the clients’ needs.

These 5 Phases are:

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Test
  • Deploy

Xceliware will work with your project team to document requirements and assist in the implementation of standard and customized transaction sets into a “Conference Room Pilot” environment for testing.  A complete solution requirements document will be jointly created, and design of the process flow and transaction sets will begin.


Xceliware will provide technical resources to perform the initial installation of software into your server environment, as well as assist with configuration and network issues.  This will allow the implementation of a “development” server to allow for the project team to develop and test basic processes in a protected environment.  Key users will be involved in this testing process to ensure acceptance by the eventual users of the system.


Following the completion of testing and training, our consulting staff will assist in the roll out of the solution in the CRP environment and into the initial facility.  A plan will then be developed to assist in developing an appropriate plan for the implementation of the solution in conjunction with the rollout to the other locations.  Performing the initial installation process in this fashion will expedite the training and conversion process, and allow the most cost effective use of Xceliware and your resources.


Professional Services


Xceliware's internal team and partners are the best in the business.  If it relates to Supply Chain Management, Barcoding, RFID, Scanners, Software or anything in the Data Capture Industry, there is a great chance we will be able to help you.

Some of the most common services that we provide to our customers include:



Wireless Site Surveys - We will help you map your environment and identify how many wireless acces points are needed to make your environment wireless enabled.

Scanning Trouble Shooting - If your scanners are not scanning properly (maybe there is a delay) we can help you identify the problem.

Software / System Analysis - Looking for a new Supply Chain Software solution.  We can help you evaluate your options and inform you of the pros and cons before you make the large investment.

Hardware / Technology Analysis - Before buying scanning devices, allow us to help you ensure that you have made the right selection.

Warehouse Labeling - Implementing a new tracking system?  Let us help you design the workflow and label your assets/inventory.

Warehouse Sign Installation - Companies are amazed at the efficiencies gained by implementing an orderly workflow and properly labeling the rows & aisles in their warehouses.

Custom Software Development - Many companies know what functionality they seek from a software solution, but can't seem to find the exact fit.  We can take your desires and build them into a software solution for you.  This does not have to take long or be expensive.

Workflow Design & Consulting - With thousands of warehouse visits under our belts, we can help you design a better workflow.

Training - Need help getting your workforce up to speed?  We can train your team.

Implementations - Already know where your going, but need help getting it done?  We can get it done for you.

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