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Problems Equipment Managers Will Solve

1. Are you frustrated by the time and expense of scrambling to prepare a job?
- Do you scramble to get a job out the door on time?
- Do you know exactly where all your equipment is located? -Even the smaller items, like hoses and cable?
- Do you know when your equipment will return or will be available to send to another job?
- Do you lease or purchase equipment because yours in not available to send out on a job?

2. Is your bottom line being negatively impacted by equipment gone missing or left behind?
- Does equipment ever get left at a job site?
- Does equipment mysteriously disappear?
3. Are there risks of not properly maintaining your equipment?
- Do you ever suffer when a piece of equipment breaks down?
- Are you liable if you don’t adequately provide service on equipment?
4. Are incomplete or disorganized maintenance and job completion records creating problems?
- Can you use help providing documentation to justify your invoices to your customers?
- Do you have a hard time keeping track of completed and upcoming maintenance?

"Equipment Manager Software integrates all of the services required to effectively and economically manage the tracking and delivery of our products. It helps to provide us with a competitive edge in our marketing by providing consistent, accurate, and reliable services to our healthcare customers."

Tom Mason - President


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